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everyone !

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About Us

Cafecloud wants to create a free alternative to use a seedbox fully funded by advertising.

We are volunteers and at your disposal to improve our service to suit your needs.
We have developed a multi-server torrent interface that allows us to bring you free :

  • Unlimited storage (15 days durability)
  • Unlimited connection
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Fast download due to the distribution of tasks across multiple servers

If you want to ask question or report a bug, you can contact us by Facebook or Twitter or email at


                                        Cafecloud      Competitors
Data durability 15 days As you pay
Disk space Unlimited Limited
Connection Unlimited Limited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Active torrents Unlimited Unlimited
Torrent client Homemade Rutorrent or other
FTP access Yes Yes
Plex streaming Yes Sometimes
Emby streaming Soon Sometimes
HTTPS connection Yes Sometimes
Instant delivery Yes Yes
24/7 support Yes Yes
Pricing Free Paying